Same day payouts Monday to Thursdays from 8am to 3pm Central Time and Fridays from 8am to 11am Central Time. If the request comes in after midday, and there are too many payouts being processed that day, it might be moved to the following morning. Max payout weekly are based on deposits. The following are deposit-based guidelines. There are cases that are studied individually who can get this max payout limits altered. It is our sole decision to change these amounts:

  • For any deposit below $100 the Max Cashout Weekly is $100
  • For any deposits between $100 and $500 max payout is $500
  • For any deposit below $2000 Min $500 the MAX Cashout Weekly is $1000
  • For any deposit from $2000 to $2999, MAX Cashout Weekly is $2000
  • Deposits from $3000 to $3999, MAX Cashout Weekly is $3000
  • Deposits from $4000 to $4999, MAX Cashout Weekly is $4000
  • Deposits from $5000 and up, MAX Cashout Weekly is $5000

  • Min deposit, with Credit Cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card is $100


  • Due to local taxes, to cash out, the account needs to have activity.
  • Some features, including payouts, are disabled by the software when the account is idle and/or without action.
  • For a payout to be processed, the previous seven days must show at least FIVE days, where the player placed at least two or 3 bets daily within the 4 major sports NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, soccer, or any other sport including Casino, Live Casino or Horses will not be considered as a bet to be included for your payout process.
  • There are special cases where the agent and player agree to have special bonuses and rollovers that can be analyzed by management.

    Everything counts towards the rollover except future, prop and half bets, casino and live wagering does NOT count, baseball counts as half also the money lines we count towards the rollover has to be within the range of -200 +140. It has to be within the 4 major sports meaning NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.